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The internet can be a confusing place of misinformation and conflicting reports. It is often difficult to who to trust and where to look for reliable information. Reptile Expert aims to address this problem, albeit only for those with an interest in reptiles and other exotic pets! (sadly, as nice as the idea is, we can’t attempt a project of this scale for everything that exists in the world! So we chose one of the best and most interesting topics, naturally).

The website pulls together the knowledge and experience of myself, along with other reptile experts to create a pool of concise, reliable information for people of all levels. From the novice (see the beginners section) to the more experienced reader, there should be something here for everybody. We are currently undertaking a massive project to move and improve the website, so we ask for your patience and understanding, as Reptile Expert begins to grow in to the incredible reptile and exotic pet resource it will become.

The aim of our species guides is to profile hundreds (thousands?) of reptile and other exotic pet species bringing together condensed, but highly useful species profiles containing a plethora of useful information. Whilst not a complete care guide, these pages will help form the basis of a care plan for any species, detailing information about general habits, locality, size and other invaluable bits of information. There are many of the more obscure species that you simply can’t find proper care information for in the same way you might look up, say, a corn snake care sheet. It is for these reptiles and other exotics that our condensed species guides will prove most useful.

The care sheet section of the website also continues to grow, offering more in depth and applicable information to the hobbyist than is available from the species guides. Care guides are currently in the works for most of the more popular species, and we are always looking for authors and contributors to the website, please do get in touch if you have something to add! You’ll find a contact email on the contact page (funnily enough).

The DIY section should prove invaluable too, providing great guides written by a whole host of authors .Most noteworthy currently, are our ever popular DIY vivarium and DIY fake rock wall guides. However we are always looking for more guides and ideas, and will continue to grow the resource.

What better way to have complete control over the health of your pet reptile than to have complete control over the food they eat? If you can find the time then culturing your own live food is a great way of doing this, and with that in mind we have tried to cover all of the popular live food options with guides on how to culture them simply and effectively. Some of our more popular guides include breeding crickets, waxworms and breeding mealworms. I hate repeating myself, but again if you have anything to add please do get in touch!

There are many burning issues and questions that beginners have, such as how should you go about gutloading live food? And how do you get a tricky snake to start feeding again? These, and many other questions will hopefully be addressed in the beginners section of the website. This section is currently under reworking so isn’t quite ready yet! That said, there is still some useful information to be found there.

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