Species information


African House snake

Lamprophis fuliginosus

Lamprophis fuliginosus - African House snake


Common name

African House snake

Scientific name

Lamprophis fuliginosus




The african house snake has elliptical pupils (meaning the pupal resembles a slit, much like a cat eye at night) and a light brown stripe running from the snout to the neck, passing along the eye. House snakes possess a uniform colour, which is usually brown, but may be black, olive, chocolate or golden.



Southern Africa


Adult size

Upto 3.5ft, males tend to be smaller.


Approx lifespan

Upto 15 years.


REcomended vivarium size



Basic set up type

Woodland, provide 2 hides and low perches to add variation and decoration to the vivarium.



House snakes should be fed a diet of rodents.




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