Species information


Amazonian Tree Boa

Corallus hortulanus

Corallus hortulanus - Amazonian Tree Boa


Common name

Amazonian Tree Boa

Scientific name

Corallus hortulanus




Amazon tree boas vary immensely in colouration. They are however a slender snake with a relatively large arrow shaped head. They possess a prehensile tail which they use to grip into trees. Its colour varies with age and locality (as does care), so it can be olive, grey, tan, yellow, orange, red and it may or may not possess dosral stripes/bands.



The tropics of South America.


Adult size



Approx lifespan

Up to and occasionally above 20 years


REcomended vivarium size

Height is an important factor, a 24x24x24in vivarium is the minimum for an adult


Basic set up type

Rainforest like design, lots of perches of varying thicknesses. This foliage (real or fake) will make the snake feel secure. Alot of ventilation is a must.



The diet of the Amazonian Tree Boa should be made up of rodents.




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