Species information


Asian Stripe-tailed Rat Snake

Elaphe taeniura ssp

Elaphe taeniura ssp - Asian Stripe-tailed Rat Snake


Common name

Asian Stripe-tailed Rat Snake (also known as beauty snakes)

Scientific name

Elaphe taeniura ssp




There is a lot of variation between the subspecies of this snake. The general pattern is a black/brown background, which has a pattern of blotches and crossbars on roughly the first half of the snake. These then form a stripe which then runs down the rest of the snake.



Taiwan, Burma, China, Thailand.


Adult size

5-7ft, possibly larger.


Approx lifespan

Upto and sometimes above 15 years


REcomended vivarium size

4x2x2ft, these snakes like to climb.


Basic set up type

Tropical (although this may vary somewhat on locality), provide sturdy branches for climbing and 2 secure hides, one in each end of the vivarium.



A diet of rodents is best for the Asian Stripe-Tailed Rat Snake (Beauty Snake)




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