Species information


Black-necked Garter Snake

Thamniphis cyrtopsis spp

Thamniphis cyrtopsis spp - Black-necked Garter Snake


Common name

Black-necked Garter Snake

Scientific name

Thamniphis cyrtopsis spp




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Texas, New Mexico, Arizona, North Mexico


Adult size



Approx lifespan

Upto 15years.


REcomended vivarium size

30x12x12in for a mature adult.


Basic set up type

Woodland with a large waterbowl for soaking and drinking, this snake will spend more time in its bowl than most other snakes.



In the wild the Eastern Garter Snake will eat insects (earthworms primarily), frogs, fish, toads, etc. There is no reason a captive diet cannot be made up of insects and fish (and the odd amphibian if the opportunity arises) if it is suplimented correctly (generally with calcium and vitamin D3 multivitamin powders usually associated with lizards). Alot of people do however prefer to wean these onto rodents by scenting the prey heavily with fish. It would be worth noting that garter snakes generally eat more often than most other snakes, they should be fed 2-3times weekly.


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