Species information


Ribbon snakes



Common name

Ribbon snakes (usually with a word based upon their locality before it, for example Eastern Ribbon, Western Ribbon, etc)

Scientific name





All of the ribbon snakes are small slender colubrids with keeled scales. Their general appearance is similar, a dark background with three distinct stripes running the length of the snake. I have grouped them all together because they look very similar and their care is very similar. Making multiple pages would almost be the same page multiple times.



From Texas to Nebraska, a larger range is very possible.


Adult size

Upto 3ft, rarely larger.


Approx lifespan

upto 12 years.


REcomended vivarium size

24x12x12in should be a minimum for one mature specimen, they are active and enjoy larger vivariums.


Basic set up type

Woodland with a large bowl (or even seperate water area) and sturdy branches for the occasional climb.



Fish, earthworms and the occasional small frog of the opportunity arrises. Can with effort and patience be weaned onto rodents if heavily scented. If not offering a rodent diet make sure to suppliment with calcium and a multivitamin powder containing vitamin D3. Feed 2-3 times weekly.


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